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Interview: Jill Enfield by Jon Wollenhaupt
Alternative photography pioneer Jill Enfield comes from a long line of photographers dating back to 1875-the date when her ancestors opened up gift stores in Germany where they sold cameras and other technical equipment. In 1939, after fleeing Nazi Germany, her family opened the first camera store in Miami Beach, where as a child, Jill roamed the aisles. It is easy to imagine that she grew up always having a camera in her hands. With photography imprinted in her DNA, her career path seemed inevitable.
Exclusive Interview with Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen is a street and documentary photographer living near Munich, Germany. He is also the co-founder of Tagree Magazine. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Jon Enoch
Jon Enoch is a London-based photographer who focuses on portrait and lifestyle photography for advertising and media publications, as well as large organisations. He has won numerous awards for his Vietnamese photography portrait series called cBikes of Hanoi', including the Smithsonian Grand Prize; the Lens Culture Portrait Award and the Portraits of Humanity Award in 2020. The images were also shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Award and they won the gold Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) award in 2019. The set of portrait images were featured on the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph and went viral on websites across the world.
Exclusive Interview with Oliver Stegmann
Olivera Stegmann is a Swiss photographer and also the winner of AAP Magazine #16 Shadows with his project 'Circus Noir'. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Francesco Gioia
Francesco Gioia is an Italian photographer who lives in England. He is the winner of AAP Magazine 15 Streets with his project 'Wake Up in London'. We asked him a few questions about his life and work
Exclusive Interview with Paul Brouns
Paul Brouns is a Dutch photographer who found his voice by capturing architecture. The urban landscape is his ideal playground for apprehending rhythm, color and geometrical elements. He is the winner of AAP Magazine 14 "Colors" with his project 'Urban Tapestries'. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Réhahn
Referred to as someone who "captures the souls of his models", (Wanderlust Travel Magazine, 2018) Réhahn is more than just a man behind a camera. Behind each click is a story. Whether the photograph shows a child with startling blue eyes, a woman pulling a needle through indigo fabric or a man walking alone down a brightly painted street, these are more than just images to Réhahn. They are the culmination of an experience. The stories of his subjects as well as his passion to learn more about their culture, diversity and changing traditions are what drives Réhahn's work.
Craig Varjabedian: Found Horizons
Craig Varjabedian's photographs of the American West illuminate his profound connection with the region and its people. His finely detailed images shine with an authenticity that reveals the ties between identity, place, and the act of perceiving. For Varjabedian, photography is a receptive process driven by openness to the revelation each subject offers, rather than by the desire to manipulate form or to catalog detail. He achieves this vision by capturing and suspending on film those decisive moments in which the elements and the spirit of a moment come together
Exclusive interview with Jacopo Della Valle
Jacopo Maria Della Valle is an Italian travel photographer who fell in love with photography at young age thanks to the influence of his father. Since then he has travelled to Europe, the USA, Cuba, Morocco and all over Asia. He is the winner of AAP Magazine 12 B&W with his project Bull Jumping. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive interview with Giedo Van der Zwan
Giedo van der Zwan is a street photographer, writer and publisher from the Netherlands. He started working on a long-term project 'Pier to Pier' in 2017 and published his book in June 2018. He is the winner of AAP Magazine 8 Street. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive interview with Eli Klein
Eli Klein Gallery has an international reputation as one of the foremost galleries specializing in contemporary Chinese art and continues to advance the careers of its represented artists and hundreds of other Chinese artists with whom it has collaborated. The Gallery has been instrumental in the loan of artworks by Chinese artists to over 100 museum exhibitions throughout the world. It has published 40 books/catalogues and organized more than 75 exhibitions of Chinese contemporary art at our prestigious venues in New York City.
Exclusive interview with Cayetano González
Cayetano González is a talented Spanish photographer and cinematographer who found his calling when his grandfather lend him his Leica. Since then he has directed commercials and shot several covers of major magazines. His work is influenced by the painters he admires like Sorolla, Velázquez, Rembrandt and Delacroix.
Exclusive interview with Mauro De Bettio
Mauro De Bettio is an Italian photographer who lives in Spain. His pictures are a visual story able to highlight unseen or ignored realities. A vital tool that can help bring about social changes. He is the winner of AAP Magazine 11 Travels. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive interview with Stéphane Lavoué
Stéphane Lavoué, is a French portrait photographer born in Mulhouse in 1976. He lives and works between Brittany and Paris. He is the winner of the Niépce Prize 2018. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive Interview With Harvey Stein
Harvey Stein is a professional photographer, teacher, lecturer, author and curator based in New York City. He currently teaches at the International Center of Photography. Stein is a frequent lecturer on photography both in the United States and abroad. He was the Director of Photography at Umbrella Arts Gallery, located in the East Village of Manhattan from 2009 until 2019 when it lost its lease and closed. Stein's photographs have been widely exhibited in the United States and Europe, 86 one-person and over 165 group shows to date and has published eight books. We asked him a few questions about his life and work
Exclusive interview with Lisa Tichané
Lisa Tichané is an advertising photographer whose work is entirely focused on babies and young kids. Based in France but travelling internationally for her clients, she is well known for her unique ability to connect with her tiny models and get irresistible images even from the most unpredictable, unwilling subjects. We asked her a dew questions about her life and work:
Exclusive interview with Monica Denevan Winner Of All About Photo Awards 2020
Monica Denevan is the Photographer of the Year, winner of All About Photo Awards 2020 - The Mind's Eye. My co-jurors Elizabeth Avedon, Laurent Baheux, Alex Cammarano, Julia Dean, Ann Jastrab, Juli Lowe and myself were impressed by her work Across the River, Burma that won first place out of thousands of submissions. She also won 1st place for AAP Magazine 4: Shapes. Her ongoing series, "Songs of the River: Portraits from Burma," began in 2000. Since then, she has returned to many of the same small villages in Burma/Myanmar, making intimate photographs of fishermen and their families in the spare and graphic setting of the Irrawaddy River. She travels with a medium format film camera, one lens, and bags of film, working with natural light and making composed images. Once home, she makes photographic prints in her traditional darkroom.
Exclusive Interview With Jackson Patterson
I discovered the work of Jackson Patterson while judging the first edition of All About Photo Awards - The Mind's Eye. My co-jurors Frank Horvat, Ed kashi, Klavdij Sluban, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Cara Weston, Jules Maeght, Ami Vitale, Ann Jastrab and Keiichi Tahara and myself were impressed by his work Red Barn that was exhibited at Jules Maeght Gallery. He tells the stories of his family and others intertwined with the majestic landscapes in his photomontages. Patterson's images breathe insight into representation, fabrication, visual language and the relationship of earth and people.
Exclusive Interview with Stephan Gladieu
Stephan Gladieu's career began in 1989 covering war & social issues, traveling across Europe,Central Asia, the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Pakistan) and Asia (India, Nepal, Vietnam, China, etc). His work began as travel features, but he became increasingly interested in using portraiture to illustrate the human condition around the world. His portraiture has included covering the Saudi Princes, Princesses in Nepal, actors & directors behind the scenes at Cannes Film Festival, politicians, intellectuals, but also everyday people the world over.
Exclusive Interview with Rebecca Moseman
Virginia native Rebecca Moseman received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1997 and her Master of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2001. She has worked in academia, private industry, and Government as an instructor, consultant, and graphic designer and does freelance work in photography and publishing. We asked her a few questions about her life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Judi Iranyi and Remembering Michael
Michael P. Stone, our only child, died of AIDS in November 1984, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Michael was 19 and a senior at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Exclusive Interview with Svetlin Yosifov
Svetlin Yosifov is a freelance photographer based in Bulgaria. He won the 1st place for the AAP Magazine #9 Shadows with his work 'Mursi People'. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Interview with Bill Owen
Bill Owens took iconic photos of the Hells Angels beating concertgoers with pool cue sticks at the Rolling Stones' performance during the Altamont Speedway Free Festival four months after Woodstock on December 6, 1969. Altamont, which included violence almost all day and one stabbing death, is considered by historians as the end of the Summer of Love and the overall 1960's youth ethos. This series of photos include panoramas of the massive, unruly crowd, Grace Slick and Carlos Santana on stage with the press of humanity so close in, they're clearly performing under duress.
Exclusive Interview with Vicky Martin
Vicky Martin is a fine art photographer based in the UK. She won the 1st place for the All About Photo Magazine #5 Colors with her work "Not in Kansas". We asked her a few questions about her life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Steve Schapiro
An activist as well as documentarian, Steve Schapiro covered many stories related the Civil Rights movement as well as more than 200 films. Now available in a popular edition by Taschen, "The Fire Next Time" with James Baldwin's frank account of the black experience and Schapiro's vital images, the book offers poetic and potent testimony to one of the most important struggles of American society. Coinciding with the release of Schapiro's new photo book, we asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Graeme Williams
Graeme William's work on South Africa is acclaimed worldwide and has been published on the cover of Time magazine twice as well as published in The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Newsweek, Stern... to name just a few. But for the last five years he shifted his attention from South Africa to the United States. We asked him a few questions about his new project "America Revisited"
Exclusive Interview with Trevor Cole
Irish photographer Trevor Cole, travelled the world to capture its different cultures and landscapes. His beautiful images reflect a spatial and temporal journey through life and convey a need to live in a more sustainable world. He explains " I seek the moment and the light in whatever context I find myself and endeavour to use my photographic acumen to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary."
Exclusive Interview with Lorenzo Formicola
Lorenzo Formicola is a talented Italian photographer based in Los Angeles, California. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Emmanuel Monzon
Emmanuel Monzon is a talented French photographer and visual artist based in Seattle, WA. We discovered his work through All About Photo Awards and AAP Magazine. In his project "Urban Sprawl Emptiness" he photographs the in-between state found in the American landscape. You can currently see his project at Robert Kananaj Gallery in Toronto, CA from March 16 until May 4, 2019.
Exclusive Interview with Yukihito Masuura
Westerners have become familiar with many Japanese aesthetic concepts such as wabi, sabi, and kawaii, but the concept of kehai as a driving force in art is relatively unknown. Master photographer Yukihito Masuura, whose photographs are in the private collection of the Emperor and Empress of Japan and the National Library of France, is coming to New York in April for an exhibition of his work and an artist talk that will reveal how kehai - the idea of the existence of truth and beauty in the natural world which may not be visible - has influenced his life's work documenting the masterpieces of both Western sculpture and sacred Shinto architecture.
Exclusive Interview with Fran Antmann
Fran Antmann is a documentary photographer, writer, and professor. Her photographic work has focused on the lives and culture of the indigenous people of Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, the Dene First Nation people of the Western Canadian Arctic and the Inuit of Baffin Island, Canada. As a Fulbright scholar, she lived in the Peruvian Andes researching and recovering the work of the Peruvian photographer Sebastian Rodriguez and pursuing her own photographic project of the same town and people. Her book Maya Healers: A Thousand Dreams was published by Nirala Press in 2017.
Exclusive Interview with Robi Chakraborty
Robi Chakraborty's work was noticed by All About Photo on several occasions for his colorful images of India. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson
Character-based portraits and narrative-driven scenes are Kremer/Johnson's trademark. They won AAP Magazine#2 Faces and more recently the Lensculture Portrait Awards 2018. We asked them a few questions about their life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Aline Smithson
Aline Smithson is a finalist for the prestigious Taylor Wessing Prize and her work was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London last October!
Exclusive Interview with Dorrie McVeigh
Dorrie McVeigh is a very talented Portrait, Fashion and Fine Art Photographer that we discovered when she submitted her work to AAP Magazine #5 Colors. We asked her a few questions about her life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Valerio Nicolosi
Valerio Nicolosi is a filmmaker and photojournalist based and born in Rome. He won First Prize for AAP Magazine Travels. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive Interview with JP Terlizzi
JP Terlizzi is a visual storyteller who uses photography to explore themes of memory, relationships and identity. His series Raven's Point won First Place for AAP Magazine#1 Light. We asked him a few questions about his life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Cig Harvey
We asked the very talented British Photographer Cig Harvey a few questions about winning the 2018 Prix Virginia for her series "You an Orchestra You a Bomb".
Exclusive Interview with David duChemin
David duChemin is a world & humanitarian assignment photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader whose adventurous life fuels his fire to create and share. Based in Victoria, Canada, when he's home, David leads a nomadic life chasing compelling images on all 7 continents.
Exclusive Interview with Maureen Ruddy Burkhart
My life's work is clearly influenced by my global upbringing. Our family moved back and forth between the U.S. and places like France, Iran, the UK and Germany. I remember being a young woman trying to fit in, feeling that every relationship was a formidable lesson in the art of 'getting along'.
Exclusive Interview with Gary Arndt
Gary Arndt has been traveling around the world for the past eleven years. We asked him a few questions about his trips and his successful travel blog Everything Everywhere.
Exclusive Interview with Iolo Adams
I've always been interested in a lot of genres of creativity, but when I became more exposed to the world of photography through album covers, fashion photography, and when I started taking photography as a school subject it really opened my mind to the vast amount of creative potential and opportunity to convey ideas it offers so it really intrigued me.
Exclusive Interview with Brad Patocka
Whenever asked what prompted my interest into this world of photography, I like to tell people I'm a sucker for aesthetics, and that is the basis of my drive to pursue photography. As a youth, I was always infatuated by photos, magazines, physical prints.
Exclusive Interview with Denis Dailleux
It was while returning from my village, where during the summer I had photographed its inhabitants and among them my great-aunt Juliette, that I met in the Corail train the boys from the city "The Village" at Persan, small town of the Val-d'Oise.
Exclusive Interview with Alain Schroeder
I was 18 and I spent a lot of time at the library reading fine art books. When I had seen all the books they had about painting, the librarian gave me some photography books. One was the famous French magazine
Exclusive Interview with Tariq Zaidi Winner of All About Photo Awards 2018
I am extremely humbled and very honored to have been awarded All About Photo's 2018 Photographer of the Year. Thank you, AAP and the Jury panel for recognizing my work.
Exclusive Interview with Sabine Weiss
We are truly honored to have Sabine Weiss as one of our jurors for this year's edition of All About Photo Awards 2017! We asked her a few questions about her life and work that she kindly took the time to answer.
Interview Ann Jastrab and Sandrine Hermand-Grisel
Taylor Nam journalist at ViewFind asked Ann Jastrab and Sandrine Hermand-Grisel a few questions about their background and All About Photo Awards 2017.
Exclusive Interview with Nick Brandt
Ann Jastrab discovered the exhibition "Inherit the Dust" at Fotografiska in Stockholm, Sweden (ending September 11, 2016). Moved by what she saw, she contacted Nick Brandt and asked him a few questions for our readers of All About Photo.
Exclusive Interview with Lauren Marsolier
My intent in using an almost solid looking sky is not to make it a signature, but to infuse a slight sense of enclosure and artificiality, similar to what we experience when looking at a diorama. My images are built around the experience of feeling disoriented and disconnected from one's surroundings.
Exclusive Interview with Norma Quintana
When I decided to pursue creating a monograph I spoke with several other photographers and found myself even more confused than I expected. I looked at numerous monographs and started to get closer to what I wanted as an artist.
Exclusive Interview with Christopher Churchill
What is Chris Churchill's background, how does he manage commercial and fine art work or what are his projects, check out the interview of the very talented photographer by our journalist and favorite gallery director Ann Jastrab!
Exclusive Interview with Stefano Galli
Often my projects comes out from unplanned photographs or random photos that I take daily ... For example "Cars" started from a shot I took of a huge dent on the side of a vehicle.... that photo spoked to me so much that I decided to make a project out of it and became a massive body of work...
Photographer Spotlight: Vicki Reed by Josh Campbell
Vicki Reed is a fine art photographer based out of Cedarburg, Wisconsin who is fascinated by a wide variety of photographic processes. Keep reading to find out how her time as a photojournalist has affected her personal work and what new processes have her excited.
Photographer Spotlight by TBMPN
TBM Photography Network is very pleased to announce our popular segment: "Photographer Spotlight." In this part of our newsletter we will be interviewing various fellow photographers and learning more about what motivates them, what their goals are and what direction they wish to take with their art.
Exclusive Interview with Pierre Baëlen
Pierre Baëlen was born in 1981 in South of France. His interest in photography began when his best friend promised him to have good fun in jumping in devastated buldings during photography courses when he was 14 years old. Surprising by the discover of the The 6x6 camera, his first love quickly became the darkroom where he began experimenting with printing and developing in the family's bathroom. He attended Orthez's photography School for Performing & Visual Arts and, from there, went on to attend photography report and experimental in illustration work. He moved to Paris in 2001. In October 2001, he began shooting small assignments as freelance photographer.
Exclusive Interview with Gabrielle Duplantier
Gabrielle's photographic world seems voluntarily detached from all temporal or social reality. So her subjects or not really thematic, she is seeking beautiful images that exist outside of any context, on their own. We asked her a few questions about her life and work.
Exclusive Interview with Lee Jeffries
British photographer Lee Jeffries started photographing homeless people in the streets after meeting with a young homeless girl in the streets of London. This encounter changed his artistic approach forever. We asked him a few questions about his work.
Exclusive Interview with Brooke Shaden
Brooke Shaden explores the darkness and light in people, and her work looks at that juxtaposition. As a self-portrait artist, she photographs herself and becomes the characters of dreams inspired by a childhood of intense imagination and fear. Being the creator and the actor, Brooke controls her darkness and confronts those fears.
Exclusive Interview with Brigitte Carnochan
Brigitte Carnochan's photographs are represented nationally and collected globally by museums, corporate and private collectors. She has had solo exhibitions in Latvia, Italy, Chile, and Hong Kong as well as in New York, Houston, Boston, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Ketchum, Woodstock, Albuquerque, Carmel and San Francisco. In addition to the publication of three monographs (Bella Figura 2006, Shining Path 2006, Floating World 2012), The German publisher, Edition Galerie Vevais, launched a monograph of her images in 2014 at Paris Photo. For many years she taught workshops and classes through the Extension Program at UC Santa Cruz and Stanford's Continuing Studies Program. She is on the Advisory Councils of Center, in Santa Fe and The Center for Photographic Art in Carmel.
Exclusive Interview with Clay Lipsky
Clay Lipsky is a fine art photographer & Emmy Award winning graphic designer based in Los Angeles. He has applied his unique visual style across a variety of mediums, from print and multimedia to TV and film. Despite his varied interests, photography has always been a part of Clay’s life. Recently, he has experienced a new-found interest with the medium and is now passionately focused on pursuing photography as fine art, free from clients and limitless in creative possibilities. Clay is self-taught and strives to create images that can stand the test of time.
Exclusive Interview with Gustavo Lacerda
Gustavo Lacerda is a brazilian artist, living in Sao Paulo. We asked him a few questions about his work and his incredible story about Albinos. The photophobia caused by the absence of melanin lead his models to live literally in the shadow. His work brings them to light.
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