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We have made a selection of the best photo studio rentals in the US.

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Solo Exhibition June 2021
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Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #18: B&W
Winners will receive $10,000 in cash awards, extensive press coverage and global recognition.

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Godox TL60 Full-Color RGB Tube Light
Godox started out making major waves in the still photo space but recently has started moving aggressively on the motion picture continuous lighting territory. Their next step in that direction is the TL60 RGB Tube Light. It's a continuous lighting source that can be used for white or colored lighting for either video or still photography.
Godox SZ150R: One of the best zoomable RGB Light
The Godox SZ150R is a zoomable COB RGB light with a variable beam spread between 20° and 65°. It offers CCT mode with white color output from 2800K to 6500K with high CRI and TLCI ratings, RGB mode, and built-in effects. It comes with a reflector, an AC adapter, and a carrying case.
Loupedeck CT: a review for photography editing
Editing photos and videos with a keyboard and mouse feels like work, but toss in a few dials and buttons, and then it feels more like a game. The Loupedeck CT editing console was designed to move seamlessly between multiple programs, from photo to video editing, to audio work, and back again.
Camera bags have been around for ages, but so many of them are just plain ugly, with no style, and are only meant for that one function; being a camera bag. Enter the WANDRD PRVKE: a stylish, pragmatic, do-everything pack. It will seamlessly accompany you on a photoshoot, on multi-day travel, as well as for everyday carry. Doing so with a graceful mix of cleverly designed access points, expandability, weather-resistance, and utility.
GoPro MAX: an immersive 360 camera
GoPro MAX is one of the most versatile cameras to date, thanks to its dual-cameras setup and 360-degree footage possibilities It's easy to use and easy to edit footage afterwards. More than overlapping, this is a great complement to the Hero8.
Momenta announces Sony sponsorship, after 8 years with Leica
Momenta's switch of its exclusive camera sponsor signals a general shift to mirrorless systems for documentary coverage and Sony's commitment to organizations with an ethical, humanitarian mission.
Top 6 Photo Printers in 2020: The Best Printers for Your Photos
Different inkjet printers are designed to perform different sets of tasks. While some printers are great at churning out text prints at great speed, others can be used to print graphics-rich documents in varying quality a commercial establishment. If you are looking to buy a photo printer in 2020, the print-quality would obviously be the first parameter that you'd rely upon for judging a device.
Introducing the Nikon D6
Like every Nikon flagship camera that has come before it, the D6 holds nothing back. Featuring Nikon's most powerful AF system to date for capturing every heart-pounding, pivotal moment, the D6 is an uncompromising workhorse that lives up to every professional demand in any environment. And because every second counts in the field, the D6 is loaded with new time-saving workflow enhancements and advanced customization options. The moments that define us, that show what we're capable of, the ones that live on, are waiting to be captured with a Nikon D6 DSLR.
The Canon ME20F-SH as a recipient of the 2020 Technology and Engineering Emmy Award
Canon's remarkable ME20F-SH is a multi-purpose camera that can achieve ISO sensitivity of over 4,000,000 and employs an enhanced version of a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor for Full HD video
Call for Entries
AAP Magazine #18: B&W
Winners will receive $10,000 in cash awards, extensive press coverage and global recognition.