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Each month discover a new solo exhibition without leaving the comfort of your home.

Before art was even available on the internet, galleries, and museums; cultural and artistic centers were the only places where it was possible to admire photography. In the past, curators and collectors preferred direct and visual contact with works of art to be able to make decisions and eventually acquisitions. Indeed, this is the reason for the existence of art galleries all over the world. However, step by step galleries started to develop their own websites and to gain exposure on social media. They opened their collections to reach a wider audience, not only in their city or even in their own country, but on a global scale.

With the covid-19 pandemic, cultural institutions started to explore even more alternative digital spaces with online exhibitions and a rise in the popularity of virtual reality. If the art world was already slowly shifting to become more and more accessible on digital platforms, the past months have shown us a considerable rise in virtual viewing rooms, digital fairs, and online course exhibitions.

Modernization has its pros and cons. We don't believe that it will ever replace the direct contact with the photographer you meet at an opening reception or an art fair, but it certainly is an additional way to get more exposure for your work. That is why All About Photo has decided to become an online gallery. In this specific space of our website, we have decided to exclusively showcase solo exhibitions of photographers. We believe, it is better to focus on the work of a single talented artist. It is also a way to give featured photographers a platform to share their project, their message, or to give them the ability to showcase the wide range of their talents.

This new showroom is for you: photographers, curators, collectors, and photography lovers.

We hope that it will allow photographers to reach beyond traditional structures and reach different audiences.

Each month we select the best project from our Call for Entry ''Solo Exhibition''. The winning photographer is featured for a full month in this dedicated gallery space.

Current Exhibition

Solo Exhibition

From February 01, 2021 to February 28, 2021

Desert Dweller

Daniel Skwarna

Past Exhibitions

Few photographers have captured (but no, let’s not use that word)—few photographers have communicated the depth and complexity of primate emotions as Berry has. - Collier Brown, Introduction to Primates, published by 21st Editions, 2017 Behind Glass is a series of portraits of primates made in small zoos throughout Europe. Alone, patient and silent, in these monkey houses I establish a more than passing connection with my subjects. I makes portraits that reveal the unique personality of each of these animals; it is clear that they are posing for me and that there exists a human-primate bond. My goal is to motivate people to feel compassion for primates and an obligation to protect them. Mos
Jewish thought suggests that the memory of an action is as primary as the action itself. This is to say that when my hand is wounded, I remember other hands. I trace ache back to other aches - my mother grabbing my wrist pulling me across the intersection, my great-grandmother's fingers numb on the ship headed towards Cuba fleeing the Nazis, Miriam's palms pouring water for the Hebrews in the desert - this is how a Jew understands action. Because no physical space is a given for the Jewish diaspora, time and the rituals that steep into it are centered as a mode of carrying on. The bloodline of a folktale, an object, a ritual, pulses through interpretation and enactment. In this work I explor
An exploration of memory I grew up in a small farming village in Northern Germany. A village that is bound to its history and that stands out through its traditions even today. Long ago, village women met regularly in "Spinneklumps" (Spin Clubs) to spin wool, embroider, and stitch fabrics for their homes. I imagine their conversations as they worked, the beautiful stories that lifted their spirits, as well as the stories of sadness, sorrow and loss. In modern times, village women continued to meet in this tradition, but shared stories over coffee and cake instead of needlework. These close-knit groups of women often stayed together until their death. In this series, my composite images t
Zaido (Dedicated to My Late Father...) Nothing had prepared me for my father's death. He was taken by a blood cancer before the family knew he was seriously ill. After his sudden death, I had a two big accidents and suffered serious injuries to my face and legs. They seemed fatal, but I somehow managed to escape death. The process of recovery was slow and just as me and my family were about to return to our daily lives, the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami struck. The whole of Japan was shaken, feeling unimaginable despair. All hope seemed lost in one single moment. As if nightmares appearing one after the other, these new realities bruised my body and soul, leaving me feel
Pyongyang, North Korea. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) remains one of the most isolated and secretive nations in the world. Since its creation in 1948, the country has been ruled by three generations of the Kim dynasty descending from the country's founder Kim Il-sung, followed by his son, Kim Jong-il, and currently under the control of his grandson, Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un. It is a self-reliant socialist society based on an extreme interpretation of the cult of personality and devotion to the current and former leaders, fueled by a large dose of propaganda. The festivities honoring the 70th anniversary of the creation of North Korea on September 9, 1948, include